2019 Council Elections

2019 Council Elections


The Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered) is the largest, trans-sectoral and multidisciplinary professional Institute in Nigeria.  The Council is the Institute’s apex policy and decision making body and is positioned to be a model for all other Governing Councils, Boards and Executive Committees in the Country.  The composition is drawn from leaders of different Management Specialisations in the highest decision-making cadres of their organisations. The Institute hereby calls for nomination of suitable candidates for the 2019 Governing Council election.


General Management/Board grade candidates interested in Council Membership are required to meet the following criteria inter alia:-

  1. Nominee must be an active member of the Institute. (i.e. attending the Institute’s activities both at Headquarters and Zones)
  2. Nominee must be a financial member of the Institute at the deadline (Wednesday 10th July 2019) for submission of Nomination Form.
  3. Nominee must have been a member of the Board or the highest policy making organ of a reputable Organisation or its equivalent in the public or other sector.


  • Current or Past Director in the Public Service or equivalent.
  • Current or Past Career member of Board of a Public Corporation or Enterprise.
  • Current or Past Executive Director, current or past member of the Board of a company with minimum turnover of N400 million per year in the last 2 consecutive years (this will be verified with CAC and FIRS).
  • Current or Past General Manager level staff of a Public Corporation or Enterprise with a minimum turnover of N600 million per year in the last 2 consecutive years (this will be verified with CAC and FIRS).
  • Previous membership of NIM Council, Political and Non-Career appointments to boards shall not be cited as grounds for qualification.
  1. Nominee must hold a position of such seniority in the Profession of Management as to engender the respect and confidence of the totality of the Institute’s Members, other Professional Institutes and the general public.


  1. Fellow of the Institute
  2. Minimum of 10 years as a Full Member of the Institute.
  3. Nominee must possess impeccable reputation and image.
  4. Nominee must have a clean track record of conduct and behaviour and must never have been convicted in a law court for a criminal offence or fallen into disrepute in any way.
  5. Nominee must be prepared to render service above self in the Institute from time to time, applying his knowledge and skills to the utmost and deploying his resources as required.

Other Rules

  1. No open campaigning is allowed


* No campaigning to and for more than one person at a time by any medium.

  1. Any display of desperation in pursuit of elective position within the Institute may result in automatic disqualification.


The position of the Zonal Chairman is a Council position and is open to:

  • All current and past Branch Chairmen (i.e Chairmen of State Branches)
  • Current and past Council members
  • Fellows of the Institute as at 1st July, 2019 and resident in the Zone

This is in addition to the criteria listed for Council Election.


Tony Fadaka FNIM

Registrar/Chief Executive


  1. Profile of eligible contestants will be posted on the Institute’s website from the Monday 19th of August 2019.
  2. “Professional Members” are financial members in the grade of Fellows, Members, and Associates.
  3. Sponsors are to send an email confirmation of their sponsorship to elections@nim.ng not later than 5.00pm on Wednesday 10th July 2019.
  4. Petition/appeals should be sent by email to elections@nim.ng not later than 5.00pm on Friday 23rd August 2019.

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